I have no idea how they metabolize drugs, but weight based dosing for meds, and 20cc/kg for fluids seems totally reasonable. Additionally, TCCC has some stuff on emergency k9 care. It not really unreasonable to assume EMS is first line medical for service dogs.ethanethereal 205 points submitted 2 months agoYeah, well I just learned recently learned that Chinese sellers will sell fake gpus on eBay and actually FLASH a fake bios onto them so they appear to be a GTX "970" to games and hardware programs when in reality they are a gts 450.

iPhone Cases sale It then follows that the relative stability of oil prices in 2010 probably affected (negatively) to a certain extent the adoption of lithium ion batteries, but it didn't put it into question.At this point, there is a need for reiterating the argument I made in my presentation at the 2010 Lithium Supply and Markets (LS conference, namely that because average oil prices as well as their volatility remained above the corresponding average values for the entire period of analysis: (i) both the trend towards electrification in the global automotive industry and the adoption of advanced lithium ion batteries to cope with this development remained invariable; and (ii) in spite of the decline of oil prices in 2009 and their low variability in 2010, both major carmakers and battery producers continued investing billions of dollars in the development of different electric vehicles and advanced lithium batteries. I am also in a position to ratifythat both car and battery makers may be placing more emphasis on both yearly oil prices and volatility in relation to total average numbers over a given period of years rather than simply yearly figures of those variables for their decision to invest in the development of electric cars and advanced lithium batteries.As I have argued before, the transition to electric propulsion in the global car industry may still take a number of years. In the meantime, investors have an opportunity to make money by investing in oil.iPhone Cases sale

cheap iphone Cases "I woke up one morning and I couldn't iPhone x case stop crying, and I phoned my boss and said: 'I just can't cope. I can't do this. I can't come into work, I'm sorry.' And I put the phone down. Nothing can dominate the tech world conversation quite like a big Apple event. And sure enough, this week announcement of the iPhone 7 has spawned several discussions: Shutterbugs liked the phone new camera. Nintendo fans rejoiced at Super Mario arrival on the iPhone.cheap iphone Cases

iPhone x case I have tried reinstalling the battery and moving the jumpers for the battery around to reset the system, but still have the same problem. I have also tried forcing beeps by removing the video card and the RAM but still no video or beeps. It appears that my system is possibly failing the POST startup sequence.iPhone x case

iphone x cases It doesn work like that. I just got more info. I decided to stop acting like anything that contradicted what was already in the hard drive was a virus and stop it from getting in. LINE: JACKSONVILLE by 7 are few consistent teams in the NFL. One team that you can't count on from week to week are the Browns. Winless in nine tries so far, this bumbling squad finds unique ways not only to lose, but also to fail at covering spreads.iphone x cases

iphone x cases Figure 3. Color composite image of SXDF NB1006 2. Light from ionized oxygen detected by ALMA is shown in green. Moving forward, the priority is the well being of the child."A week after Rob's X rated Instagram rant against Chyna, a source told E! News he was getting counseling, adding, "He wants to be the best dad possible."Another source said at the time that Rob apologized to his family over his rant. A third insider revealed that his mom Kris Jenner "really put him in his place" when they spoke over the phone about the incident and that she "told him that this was going to affect Dream in many ways if he didn't get his act together."Rob also left social media after the rant. His family members have occasionally posted pics of Dream since then."I mean.iphone x cases

iPhone Cases The Mi Max 2 is backed by a massive 5,300mAh battery which is rated to deliver up to 2 days of battery life on regular usage. The Mi Max 2, according to Xiaomi, can offer two times more talk time than the Nokia 3310 (2017). In comparison with the Nokia 3310 (2017) feature phone which offers 22 hours of talk time, the Mi Max 2 can apparently offer up to 57 hours on single charge, claims Xiaomi iPhone Cases..
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