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iPhone x cheap iphone Cases case Sign in / Join NowSummaryUniti Group has been one of the most beaten down dividend stocks of the year, thanks to concerns over its heavy reliance on Windstream, the distressed telecom.On top of that, the recent Aurelius legal claims of a Windstream bond default, which would likely bankrupt Windstream, has kept shares trading at ridiculous valuations.Uniti most recent earnings revealed both good and bad news, but the overall long term outlook remains positive.Uniti has several major catalysts that could drive its share price much higher in the coming year.However, that doesn mean it still not a high risk proposition, so make sure to consider your individual risk profile and weight your diversified portfolio accordingly.Uniti Group (UNIT) is one of my favorite deep value contrarian investments, and, despite some major reshuffling in my portfolio last week, remains my largest position.That's because the current price has largely diverged from the actual fundamentals of the REIT, and is instead trading based on what I consider to be overblown concerns about the imminent bankruptcy of Uniti's largest tenant Windstream (WIN).And despite a rock solid master lease with Windstream, which provides immense cash flow predictability and landlord protection even in the face of a unlikely potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy, many nervous investors have begun to wonder whether or not Uniti's rock bottom share price (which has locked it out of equity markets) will potentially force management to cut the dividend in order to retain the cash flow to continue growing.Well, Uniti's latest earnings just came out, and they contain a mix of good, bad, and beautiful news that ultimately means that Uniti's long term investment thesis (and dividend) remains intact, at least for now.They also reveal several potential catalysts that could drive the share price way up in 2018, which could make Uniti one of next year's top performers.Let's take a look at what Uniti's dividend future looks like now, what profit opportunities it holds, but also what risks could end up potentially smashing the investment thesis.The Good, Bad, And Beautiful Of Uniti's Latest Earnings Metric Quarterly YoY Increase YTD YOY Increase Revenue 22.5% 18.8% AFFO 11.0% 5.3% Shares Outstanding 14.0% 10.0% AFFO/Share 3.1% 4.6% Dividend 0% 0% AFFO Payout Ratio 95.2% 96.3% Source: Earnings ReleaseThanks to the closing of the of the Southern Light and Hunt Telecom acquisitions on July 3rd, Uniti's Fiber division boomed, resulting in excellent top line growth.In fact, with the exception of Uniti's Consumer Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) business, which is a failing legacy landline asset from the original Windstream spin off, all of the REIT's segments saw growth, with the Fiber and Tower divisions recording approximately 250% and 2,100% growth respectively.The bad part of the report was that while AFFO/share was up 5% sequentially (compared to last quarter), the heavy dilution (4.2 million shares previously sold to finance the Southern/Hunt deals) we saw over the past year still resulted in AFFO/share declining on a year over year basis.That indicates that Uniti's latest acquisitions, which brought a cash yield of 6.5%, were not accretive, which is one of the major criticisms leveled against management's decision to purchase them.In other words, while the REIT's top line growth was excellent, because it overpaid for Southern Light and Hunt, the dividend security (the primary concern of all shareholders) was actually harmed by the REIT's efforts to grow too quickly.The good news is that management remains firmly committed to the current payout, and the next $0.60 dividend has been announced, with a pay date of January 12th, with ex dividend date of December 28th.The bottom line is that Uniti's earnings were a mixed bag, at least if you are looking at just the top and bottom lines. However, what investors really need to focus on is the REIT's plans for future growth, where the news is far better.The Beautiful News Is The Master Lease Remains Very Safe And. The two biggest components of the bullish thesis underpinning Uniti Group, which is designed to keep the dividend (14.6% yield) safe, is the security of its master lease with Windstream, as well as management's long term plan to diversify its asset base so that 50% of rent comes from its troubled parent compared to the current 70%.The reason the master lease is so important is because it means two things.First, it represents a very long term (12 years remaining) source of recurring revenue for the REIT, and it prevents Windstream from being able to shut down poorly performing assets.In other words, it is an "all or none" arrangement with Windstream that ensures that Uniti's cash flow will remain steady over the coming years.The other and more important factor for Uniti shareholders is that the master lease is very securely written to protect us in the case of an eventual Windstream bankruptcy iPhone x case..
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