Good afternoon, everyone, and thank you for joining us. Let me begin with the review of the fourth quarter and provide some perspectives on the significant milestones we achieved in fiscal 2017.Q4 was a strong quarter, capping off a strong year for PTC. In Q4, we continued our momentum by executing well across our key strategic and operational objectives.

cheap iphone Cases When iPhone Cases the Vikings made sophomore Jeremiah Williams a full time varsity player earlier this week he had been splitting time with the sophs that bumped Robertson down a spot on the depth chart. But he was back on the rise Friday. 22, 2017" > >Daily Southtown Local Scoreboard for Saturday, iphone Cases

iPhone Cases This particular unit does need to be set to ASCII output however. To do this you need to solder:A Red wire from 5V (11) to /RST (2)A Black wire from FS (7) to GND (1)This sets up the ID 12 into ASCII mode. From here we need simply need to solder in the Ground, 5V power and TX Lines VCC to 5V (Pin 11)GND to GND (Pin 1)RX I to D0 (Pin 9)If this is confusing, there is an excellent write up HereStep 2: Connect Logic Level ConverterThe next step is to wire up the Logic Level Convertor.iPhone Cases

cheap iphone Cases My favorite iPhone battery app is called Battery LED. It is available in both free and pro (99 cents) versions, with the only real difference being that the Pro version doesn't have small banner ads running across the bottom of the screen. This app has a very colorful interface that will not only show you how much total battery power you have left, but will also show how much power you have to do individual tasks like gaming, browsing the internet, and so iphone Cases

iPhone Cases sale Any investor should invest at some point on that Best possible CAL. An extremely risk averse investor should invest only in the risk free asset. Someone slightly less risk averse should have most of their assets in the risk free asset with the remainder in the market portfolio.iPhone Cases sale

iPhone x case Barrels of oil equivalent (boe) and thousand cubic feet of natural gas equivalent (mcfe) may be misleading, particularly if used in isolation. Boe and mcfe conversion ratios have been calculated using a conversion rate of six thousand cubic feet of natural gas equivalent to one barrel of oil. A boe and mcfe conversion ratio of 6 mcf: 1 bbl is based on an energy equivalency conversion method primarily applicable at the burner tip and does not represent a value equivalency at the wellhead.iPhone x case

iPhone Cases sale This can be done by leaving your hairline and crown free of highlights. Your hair should be darker around your face to slim it down. Since long hair is also best for round faces, your highlights should be placed at the ends, starting from below your chin.iPhone Cases sale

cheap iphone Cases Shortly after, that company fell into bankruptcy and Korean War veteran Richard Dyke purchased the company for $241,000, according to The New York Times. In Windham, it grew into a giant in the industry and sold in 2006 for $70 million to Cerberus Capital Management. Cerberus merged it with other gun companies to create Freedom iphone Cases

iPhone Cases sale At autopsy, her lungs showed acute pulmonary edema, acute intraalveolar hemorrhage and diffuse alveolar damage associated with interstitial lymphocytic infiltrates, extensive hyaline membrane formation, patchy atelectasis, and focal pneumocyte desquamation and hypertrophy (Figure 2). Samples from her brain tissue showed lymphocytic leptomeningitis with widespread perivascular cuffing by lymphocytes and plasma cells within the cortex and white matter (Figure 3). The pons, in particular, showed evidence of encephalitis, associated with localized perivascular hemorrhage, focal neuronal necrosis, and microglial reaction (Figure 4).iPhone Cases sale

iPhone x case Devices branded with Nokia are selling again, authentic Nokia phones died with the Lumia line. I actually saw a guy from Finland with an HMD Android device, branded Nokia, what a sad thing to see. Entry level phones like the 520 historically make up the bulk of WP sales (yes, even in the glory days), and good luck finding a flagship WP on a sales chart without a jeweller eye iPhone x case..
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