The business includes a mail order pharmacy, a prescription drug discount card and pharmacy benefits management services. PTI was founded in 1993 by pharmacists including Pick, a Hartington, Neb., native who in 2011 received the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions' Alumni Merit Award.According to court documents filed in the Texas case, PTI provided pharmacy benefit services to clients of HealthFirst, a subsidiary of the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System based in Tyler, Texas.The health care system alleges that its employee, HealthFirst chief executive officer Thomas W. Slack, Jr., directed HealthFirst's business to PTI in exchange for kickbacks.Slack was fired for unrelated reasons in July 2011 and the fees were discovered by the CEO who replaced him.

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iphone x cases Marston's said it remained cautious over trading for 2008 as it became the latest pub firm to warn of the impact of rising alcohol taxes. The firm said recent increases in beer duty added to pressures in an "already challenging" trading environment. See PA story CITY Marston's.iphone x cases

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iPhone Cases sale Fortunately, the facility's client phone still worked and a cellphone is kept on site in case of a power outage. Bechtel said there are two homes on the property and it's crucial the nine staff on duty be able to contact each other in case of an emergency. The client phone became the primary method of communicating with the outside world, along with the cellphone and some staff's personal cellphones iPhone Cases sale..
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