Like the drink, Ouzo’s history is a little murky too. Although the popularity of Ouzo as we know it today, rocketed during the nineteenth century, there are some who believe the drink to be much older. The claim is that Ouzo is the offspring of Tsipouro, a drink that was distilled during the Byzantine Empire and adopted by the Ottomans. The home of Tsipouro was said to be a monastery on the much revered Mount Athos, where fourteenth century Monks would prepare a type of Tsipouro that was flavoured with anise, and it was this that eventually came to be known as Ouzo.

At the same time in these areas great personalities of art and sciences who laid the foundations of the global civilization, were born and activated such as: Pheidias, Iktinos and Callicrates in arts, Thucydides and Herodotus in History, Homer and Hesiod in poetry, Euripides, Sophocles and Aeschylus in theatre, Thales, Pythagoras, Euclid and Archimedes in mathematics and astronomy, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in philosophy, Hippocrates and Galenus in medicine along with many others.

Athens has a lively scene with several clubs and bars, as well as LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly caf豬 coffee shops and lodging options. For men interested in partaking in a bit of bathhouse culture during their vacation to Greece, there are two popular saunas in Athens. Athens Relax caters to a mixed-age clientele and is a large sauna directly across the street from one of Athen's popular clubs, while the smaller Hera caters to a more mature clientele. There is also an unofficial gay beach area at Limanakia, which is south of Athens and a popular hangout for men.

However, there is another explanation of the name; Sir G.Clauson tells us that the word Ouzo is a derivative of uzum, which is Turkish for grapes, so it would seem that not only the origin of the drink is in question, but also the source of the word by which we identify it.

If a holiday in this country makes you hanker for sun and sand, you're in luck. Book a trip to one of the surrounding islands, then grab a local Greek taxi to get you and your luggage straight to your accommodation from the boat. On the majority of the islands, once you've arrived your feet are the very best mode of transport. Life slows down here, and you can take your time as you stroll along the beaches of Lesvos, or around the historical forts of Crete. Santorini is also somewhere you do not want to miss; the whitewashed houses with blue roofs are the ideal representation of Greek island life, and the sunsets are second to none.

Lesvos - For a charming, beautiful island filled with character and a personality of its own, visit the luscious island of Lesvos. A popular choice with gay tourists, Lesvos manages to retain its charming Greek flavour while offering an up-beat, contemporary feel. Boasting quaint fishing villages, pretty sandy beaches and ancient architecture, Lesvos provides so much and all under its scorching, sunny skies. For a relaxing, beach based holiday, head to the finest on the island, Skala Eressos. Providing over 3km of soft golden sands and clear azure water, laze under the soaring sun until you can stand it no more, then head into a local taverna to sample some real Greek hospitality. Attracting twitches from all over, Lesvos is fortunate enough to attract thousands of migrant birds, with the possibility of spotting a new species always on the cards. So if ancient architecture, bird spotting and sunny skies sound like your type of trip, book cheap Lesvos holidays for this years summer break and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a true, Greek retreat.

There are a lot of fascinating facts in Greece as a whole, and when you split them down into individual places or separate islands it can turn out to be very interesting indeed. If you are a fan of Greece, and are fascinated in the sights, culture and history you can go to literally wherever you want in Greece. The area that has inspired me most is the island of Lesvos with the amount of sights to visit when you are there.

With the arrival of winters, the gush of tourists fades away in Greece with life becoming more special for you. The cordial welcome of the locals will add more warmth and interest in your friendly tour. To best view the sunrise and sunset of the country, its islands are a perfect destination offering transforming light conditions and moody skyscapes for you to walk. Some of the most eminent and culture-rich islands of the country may include -

If you are planning to spend your vacations this winter at the heavenly abode of Greece, you need to bust your individual stereotypes about the country and explore it as if you belong to it. The leading travel agents who offer customised packages of Greece holidays for you leave no stone unturned to incorporate the best of glorious experiences for you.

The Greek Island of Mykonos is well-known as a welcoming location for vacations and a hotspot for LGBT travel. With pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery, a lively nightlife, friendly locals and a cosmopolitan feel, this island is an ideal stop on any vacation to Greece. There are plenty of LGBT-friendly lodgings on Myknonos, including a LGBT-owned, adults only hotel catering exclusively to travelers. Another great choice when choosing which Greek islands to visit during your travel is Crete. While Crete does not exactly have a scene, this island that is popular with all types of travelers does have a LGBT-owned bed and breakfast, a handful of LGBT bars and establishments, beaches and a generally welcoming atmosphere, making this another great stop on a vacation to Greece.

Lesvos Mytilini car hire

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