The show is Netflix's identity right now. You're in a tight spot. Most likely, you would do what Netflix did in this case.It's understandable. The next summer I put the body back on the trailer and used it for camping, As part of putting it on the trailer, I added a second door for my wife to use (very important for a teardrop) and removed some unneeded framing I had built into the floor of the teardrop, This removed some weight and made the trailer shorter, making it easier to tow over all. I ended up having to peel some of the canvas loose from the framing, in every case the painted canvas ended up pulling the top layer of wood off with it, proof enough to me that the painted canvas bond is strong and stuck for good!Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the covering process, my teardrop was built over a few weeks as I needed a place to stay NOW! Pictures only happened when I reached a milestone in the project or at the end of the day (usually in the dark) what I have for a build log is hereIn 2014 I got the bug to build a foam camper, while the teardrop is nice, it only sleeps two. We have four kids and not every campground allows extra tents with a camper.

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